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What to Know Before Getting a Property in Westwood

Westwood is a beautiful place close to different colleges in Los Angeles. It’s a nice area for your kids to learn and develop. Also, you have various restaurants and shops to keep you entertained locally. Here are some things to know before purchasing a property in Westwood.


Westwood is a diverse area with some quality schools that would work well for your kids. Whether you want a private or public education for your children, you have options on the table. Think about what would provide the best opportunities for your child.

If you have a more religious background, St. Andrew’s Academy would be a better choice for your kid to keep up with your episcopal faith. They will get a stellar education in academics and become better people in the process. They understand the value of traveling and learning about different places in the world.

Also, students go on cultural trips to learn about history, art, and other things to widen their scope. Westwood High School is an ideal choice if you decide to give your kid a public education.

It’s a place with solid academics, but it’s ideal for people that want to play sports. Keep this school in mind if you think your child would make a stellar student-athlete.

Westwood Recreation Center has a park environment with indoor facilities for those that love to be active. Kids can take advantage of the baseball field and basketball/tennis courts. Adults can enjoy the activities.

Also, they teach different classes as well. Your elder may be interested in doing a ceramics class to help keep their mind sharp and release their creativity on a surface. It’s a fun place for people of all ages.


Westwood is a pretty safe area. UCLA is right in Westwood, so the town caters to college kids. You’ll notice the uptick in students on the weekend when they’re out and about going to different places.

Also, the sports games can get pretty intense, which brings many out-of-towners. Other than that, you’ll see joggers and people walking around in the late hours. The highly residential areas of Brentwood real estate mixed in with a college crowd make an active spot to enjoy.

The Los Angeles Police Department serves the Westwood area since it’s the west side of LA. The police are pretty responsive and ensure to keep things orderly.

Crime Rate

The area has a low crime rate, especially for violent foul play. You mainly need to worry about car theft and stolen property. Many people see college kids as being naive to common sense things.

Robbers try to take advantage of their lack of real-world experience. Even with this element, it’s still a safe place to have a home. Just use your instincts to help you avoid problematic situations.

Keep your belongings hidden from plain view to help prevent theft and keep you comfortable.

Real Estate Trends

The average property value price has gone up to $1 million. However, there are always exceptions to the rule in real estate. You may snag a deal paying around $800,000 for a 2-bed home.

However, the places you want to buy for your family will run in the range of $3 million. If you want something that’s top of the line, you’ll pay over $10 million. That price includes a spectacular view, modern touchscreen appliances, concierge services, and access to the fitness center. Santa Monica real estate is more affordable.

Think about how close you want to be to UCLA to get that younger energy. Also, choose a more secluded spot for you to raise your kids and have a beautiful place to retire.

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