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Things to Check Out Before Getting a Home in Palms

Palms is a pretty unique and diverse area in Los Angeles. If you’re looking for some adventure and getting an eccentric experience, it’s a beautiful spot to check out. The city has a lot to offer whether you want to raise kids or live a single lifestyle. Here are some things to check out before getting a property in Cilver City or Palms.


Living in Palms gives you a diversity that other places may not compare. Your kids will love learning about different cultures and walks of life. It’ll help them enrich their lives in more ways than one. Harvard-Westlake School is a solid private school for academics and athletics.

It provides a diversified and inclusive community to help reach out to more people. They can transform your teens into adults ready to take on the collegiate or real world. They incorporate a directed study program that takes academics and applies them to practical things.

They focus on current issues to help students be more aware of national and global topics. It’s not just about having a solid curriculum but going above and beyond classroom teachings. This type of course material can help your kids take the next step to go to the University of California, California Institute of Technology and other universities to expand their knowledge.

Woodbine Park is a family-friendly place for a nice outing. The outdoor facility is beautiful and feels warmer than other places with corporate elements. Maybe you want your kids to have a more normal atmosphere by playing basketball with the locals.

People throw barbecues and birthday parties right at the picnic tables. It’s a safe environment that makes you and your family feel welcome. You’ll enjoy getting some fresh air and much-needed sun after being cooped up at work.

The LED lights keep it well-lit even in the evening hours when the sun goes down. Also, it’s not too far from your home, which makes it convenient for weekends.


Palms Los Angeles is safe for your kids and elders who may be more vulnerable to things. It’s an excellent place to raise kids because they can enjoy being young. Also, the area feels like a college town with many people having college degrees in their field of choice.

While the police presence stems from the Los Angeles Police Department, you don’t feel like it’s such a hotspot. They help keep all of West Los Angeles safe, but Palms feels like the best mix of an urban environment with a bit of tight-knit, family community. Many people that have lived here or transplanted to the place find it one of the safest neighborhoods to inhabit for a long time.

Crime Rates

Violent crimes rarely happen here because it has a feel-good element to the neighborhood. However, that doesn’t mean you should rest on your laurels. More crime comes further from the community, so there’s still a theft atmosphere where shopping is more common.

Always keep your eyes peeled for people who may want to vandalize or steal your property. Of course, you want a quality anti-theft system for your vehicle. However, take advantage of your home garage to keep valuable things out of plain view.

Real Estate Trends

Home prices in Mar Vista and Palms have trended down for the past year. It’s one of the best time to take advantage of the buyer’s market to get a 3-bed and 2-bath home for under $700,000. If you want more space and exclusivity, you can expect to spend around $4.2 million.

Palms would make a beautiful place for you to retire and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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