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California is a dream place to live for many people. However, some don’t want to live in Hollywood because due to all of the tourism. Santa Monica gives you a healthy balance. Here are some things to know before you buy a property in Santa Monica.


If you want to raise kids here, it’s an ideal area to move to for your little ones. They have some of the best public and private schools.  Many schools in this area fall under the Santa Monica – Malibu Unified School District.

If you’re looking for public schools, some of the top ones include Canyon Charter Elementary, Lincoln Middle School, and Santa Monica High School. Maybe you want to have some private school options. From Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences to St. Monica Catholic High School, you have various options.

Also, these schools have high-ranking in math, reading, and science. These are excellent places to help your child get ahead before they decide to go to college.

The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) is one of the top schools in the country in academics and sports. There’s a Santa Monica branch as well.

Santa Monica has some beautiful parks, such as Palisades Park and Tongva Park. However, the main attractions are the beach areas. Santa Monica Pier is an excellent place to shop, relax, and grab some good food.

Also, Venice Beach has been a staple for decades. It’s an 11-minute drive from Santa Monica.


Santa Monica is generally a safe place to be. The thing to be wary about is property theft. Remember, Santa Monica is a pretty ritzy area, and it’s a beach town. One of the gripes of it being a beachfront area is it has a sizable homeless population.

Just be careful around strangers. Some homeless people are harmless, while others may accost you for money and food. Basic common sense will keep you safe in this beach city.

There are 216 sworn officers in the Santa Monica Police Department. They’re dedicated to the job to help ensure that things stay safe. One thing to be cautious about is the holiday season. The recent break-in at Nordstrom at 3rd Street Promenade has stepped up the police presence.

Since there are many private events in the area, you’ll see more police working off-duty to get extra money. Santa Monica is a hotbed for the wealthy, so you’ll feel a bit more secure at celebrity parties, luncheons, and other things.

Crime Rates

The crime rate in Santa Monica has lowered in the past five years. However, keep an eye on your belongings. The most prevalent crime is theft.

Santa Monica has many well-off people. Robbery can get high around summer or the Christmas season. Violent crimes do happen, but they aren’t the most trending averages in California.

Real Estate Trends

Don’t expect to purchase property here unless you’re holding down a 6-figure and up job. The median price for a solid property in this area is $1.4 million. While home prices are down almost 9.5%, it’s still an expensive area to buy a house.

There are many celebrities and business people that live in or around Santa Monica. The property values stay high, especially on a beachfront with a scenic location. You can expect to pay upwards of $650,000 for one bedroom and bath.

For three bedrooms and two baths, you’ll pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.5 to 3 million. The price jumps up if you’re talking about beachfront condos or mansions.

Santa Monica is a fun and diverse area for arts, food, music, and culture. Just make sure you have some coins saved up before buying a home in the area.

Santa Monica Realtor

The Santa Monica real estate market is among the more diverse in the community. It takes an experienced Santa Monica or Mar Vista realtor to help you navigate through the process to find the perfect place to live. Ray Lyon is best suited to help you with whatever your goals might be, from finding investment properties or somewhere to begin raising your family.

We help our clients buy and sell everything from Santa Monica luxury homes to ranch style-houses, and everything in-between. When you have a staff committed to superior customer service and certified Realtors searching for your home, you can expect quality results for any transaction. Our diverse team of professional agents remains best suited for any areas of concern.

Whether you need assistance finding the perfect place to retire or it’s just time to move, you can still reach out to our helpful members every day. See why more Santa Monica, CA homeowners chose us as their real estate experts.

Santa Monica Real Estate for Sale

Purchasing a house is unlike any other purchasing decision you will ever make. Unfortunately, many people treat it as if they were signing for a new car. Selecting a home isn’t about the roof’s colors, or what style of windows you can see the sunset out of in the evening.

When you buy a house, it’s where you make lasting memories with friends, family, and loved ones. When you find a house, it’s where you see yourself feeling safe at night and the place you’re always happy to arrive at after work. There are too many variables to leave up to chance, and our Santa Monica real estate agents stay with you at every step during transactions.

From ensuring that you stay close to where your child goes to school or shortening your commute to spend more time volunteering, we stay dedicated to helping you locate the perfect property. Whether you need to know an investment will cash flow or you want to set down roots, we remain the ideal office for your purchase.

House Sales Santa Monica

Some homeowners think that they can navigate a house sale by themselves. What they don’t realize is it isn’t always as straightforward as placing a classified ad and hoping for the best. Unsavory investors with years of shrewd deals are always on the hunt for houses listed as “for sale by owner”.

They know that you likely don’t have access to the same tools as an agent would, leaving a shocking amount of cash on the table. As a realtor, we do more than list your home for sale. We aggressively fight for as high a sale price as possible, as well as helping you better understand the Santa Monica real estate market in the process.

You can think of us as handling your house’s portfolio, and we won’t quit until we know that you’re getting the top offer possible. Whether you have a luxury home or a condo, we can best assist you in your sale today.

Condos for Sale Santa Monica

Our community continues expanding the broad number of tech companies who call our city their headquarters. That also means that many people move here every single day, and not all of them can find permanent housing by themselves.

Whether you need a house for your family or you prefer the simplified living a condo provides, we remain active in many of the condominium complexes in the area. These units are an ideal alternative to traditional university dormitories, as well as a top consideration as your first place living alone. We can help you find the condo that keeps you closer to the shore, the harbor, the airport, and many other landmarks.

From knowing you can sleep in an extra five minutes before work or making traveling simple, we can best solve your needs now. Call today to begin the search for your ideal condo location. Contact us, and one of our friendly agents will return your call shortly.

Why Move to Santa Monica?

Where else but Santa Monica can you stay close to the Pacific Ocean, luxurious Beverly Hills, and many of the Los Angeles suburbs? Residents here enjoy breathtaking sunsets, relaxing sandy strolls, and tropical temperatures.

If you are sick of the cold winters in the Northeast or the sweltering summers of the Midwest, you can experience summer all year long. You’ll also find some of the largest electronics corporations with offices here, keeping the local economy booming. You can also find a variety of public and private schools and an active arts community. And there’s no way of stopping the LA camera crews from capturing our sunsets for TV, movies, and other entertainment studios.

When you need to feel like you live in a city that has everything you could want, the possibilities are endless when you live here. Contact us to begin living your Santa Monica dream life today.

Why Hire a Realtor?

If you need to purchase a new car, wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone who understood the market negotiating on your behalf? Chances are, you would receive a much better value, as well as a reasonable price, on virtually every transaction.

Real estate professionals like our team do precisely that, only for home sales. And when your listing is several million dollars, you need an experienced agent on your side. We have the experience necessary to lead you through the Santa Monica luxury home market, family houses, condos, and more. No matter what style of home best suits your needs, we will find the ideal match for your preferences.

If you wouldn’t invest in a portfolio without someone representing you, then you should have one of our agents on your side. Contact our office for your best choice in Santa Monica real estate agents. When you need an award-winning realtor in Santa Monica aiding you in your house search, look no further than us. No one knows our market better than Ray Lyon.

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