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What to Know Before Purchasing a Home in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a dream place for people that want to move to California for business or entertainment. While you’ll enjoy the palm trees, malls, and beaches, know it’s a popular tourist destination. Despite the crowded atmosphere at times, you’ll still have some fun with yourself and your kids. Here are some things to know before purchasing a home in Beverly Hills.


Even with all of the traffic due to the entertainment industry, Beverly Hills is an excellent place to raise kids. Beverly Hills, which is near Beverlywood, has top-notch schools all across the board. From elementary to high school, your children are in good hands.

Beverly Hills High School is the only premier public high school in the area. The program is competitive and has strides in athletics, arts, and sciences. Also, the Performing Arts Department attracts many casting directors, writers, and producers.

If your kid wants to break out into acting, it’s a good training ground for scouts looking for the next big thing. Also, Beverly Hills has a great college guidance program from 9th to 12th grade. Students test very well in English and Math for gaining college acceptance.

One of the best parks to enjoy in Beverly Hills is La Cienega Park. Not only is it close to some beautiful restaurants, but it feels cozy. There’s a baseball field to get a little running and catching.

Dogs are allowed to enjoy the land. Your little kids will love the playground setting. It’s a solid spot to take the family for a free outing where people feel safe and relaxed.


Beverly Hills is generally a pretty safe area. It’s a place where you want to raise kids because of the opportunities presented in academics and arts. If you need a more exclusive community, this one builds its strength off of it.

People come from different walks of life and usually know a 2nd and 3rd language. Always keep an eye on your belongings. Beverly Hills is a wealthy town, so act accordingly to help protect your stuff from getting stolen.

The police presence is very responsive. The City of Beverly Hills Police Department also dispatches a fire department. It’s served the community since 1927 and continues to have a positive impact.

Crime Rates

While Beverly Hills has a history of being a safe area, crime has gone up in the past few years. Unfortunately, more celebrities have become victims of robbers because of the valuables they possess. Just know if you move to a well-off area, such as real estate in Brentwood, you need to keep your eyes open.

The crime rate can range from car theft, home robbery, and assault in the worst cases. It occurs more often during the holiday season when people spend and shop more at the high-end stores. Always be careful entering your vehicle and locking your doors.

The police presence has stepped up considerably to help counteract the new threat to the city. Consider safety measures for extra protection. It’ll make you and your family feel more comfortable.

Real Estate Trends

Make sure that you’re well-established before buying a property in Beverly Hills. The housing market has skyrocketed in the past year alone. The median price for a property is in the neighborhood of $4 million.

If you plan to live a single life, you can get away with a condo for around $1 million. However, raising a family will cost nearly quadruple that price point. The great thing is you will be in a place where you can meet executives and creatives to build a solid network for your big business plans.

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