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What to Know Before Buying a Place in Malibu

Malibu is one of the dream spots many want to travel to for vacation or settle down after launching a successful career. It’s a place where you have to be well-off to afford even the cheapest homes in the area. If you love a life of luxury and money is no object, it’s a good idea to move to Malibu. Here are some things to know before making a real estate final purchase in Malibu.


Malibu has some excellent schools in the city. It doesn’t matter if you choose public or private schools because your kids will get a meaningful education. One of the best public schools for your child to attend is Malibu High School.

They’ve built a world-class curriculum that encourages diversity in the sciences, arts, and more. If you like your child to go with more private education, look no further than Viewpoint School. The day school has a solid program that gets your kids ready from kindergarten to senior year of high school.

Viewpoint not only caters to your child academically, they know the value of nurturing them socially and emotionally. It helps them deal with the stresses coming from the real world once they leave school. Also, the program has a solid college preparatory program to give your kid a competitive edge to take on collegiate material.

Viewpoint has a high acceptance rate for kids going to college. The collegiate opportunities range from HBCUs, unique programs in lauded universities, and even merit scholarships for ivy league schools. Find out what you can do to help your kid get accepted into this institution to put them on a fast track for a stellar education into their adulthood.

While Malibu has parks, it’s the beaches that make this an intriguing place to visit; just like Santa Monica real estate. Leo Carrillo State Park and Beach have everything you need in a park and beach environment. There’s a skatepark, camp, and marine environment to give you different aspects wrapped into one.

Whether you want to do some windsurfing, camping, or sailing, you have many options to make the best use of your recreation.


Malibu is a quality place to live because you don’t have to worry about walking down the street and becoming a victim of a violent crime. Many spots in Malibu are gated or have an exclusive vibe to them. You see many high-profile celebrities living in the area.

Most people that live in Malibu know each other or even work together in different avenues. Think about this if you decide to go to Malibu to find a home.

The police presence here stems from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The Crime Suppression Team works on foot patrol to help keep local businesses in good shape and assist other units. You’re in good hands if you want to move to the area.

Crime Rates

Malibu is safer than 73% of the other cities in America. More crimes happen west of Malibu. You’re more prone to getting your car broken into or stolen than an assault. It’s imperative to move to a community that helps deter these things from happening.

Just do a few common sense things to help protect your items. Put your luxury vehicle in the garage, where it has a security code. Also, keep valuables away from plain view to maintain a low profile.

Real Estate Trends

Malibu homes have gone down in the past year, but they still wield a $3.2 million median price. You can find a couple of houses for under $1 million. However, you need to shell out at least $2 million for more comfortable accommodations; unless you are looking for Culver City real estate.

Living a lavish lifestyle can cost as high as $18 million.

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