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What to Know Before Purchasing a Home in West Los Angeles

West Los Angeles has an intriguing vibe to it because it’s close to all of the action you’d expect 20 minutes away from Hollywood. However, the aura also feels great because you get more people residing in the area. If you like to have the tourist attractions nearby, it’s still a solid place for a unique identity. Here are some things to note before purchasing a home in West Los Angeles.


The area is pretty diverse due to people coming from various backgrounds. The cultural influence also complements your kid’s education. Your child can enrich their scholarly aptitude from Montessori schools, academies, charters, and other learning centers.

If you want your kid to apply their knowledge to practical situations, Learning Encounters is an excellent place from 4th to 9th grade. Not only do they get a core education, but they have fun games and exercises that stimulate the mind.

They have late afternoon courses to strengthen their foundation in math, writing, and reading. The workshops also help them get comfortable taking tests and developing their reasoning skills. If your child wants to pursue post-secondary education, they can go to UCLA, USC, or Santa Monica.

Maybe they have a knack for music, so SC College of Music would be a solid choice to breakthrough as an artist, writer, producer, or music instructor.

The parks in West Los Angeles are top-notch. Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook is a stellar environment with a great urban hike trail to give you some fresh air. Also, you can take some pictures of the Los Angeles Basin.

Go on the switchback trails to get an intense climb session for a total body workout. Holmby Park is another solid place for taking an easy day. Get some golfing done on the Armand Hammer Golf Course. Make sure you register to get access to the putting green.

If you have a good dog leash, you can take your dog for a walk to enjoy the scenery.


West Los Angeles Community Police Department serves communities, such as Bel Air, Pacific Palisades, La Cienega Heights, Santa Monica Canyon, San Vicente, Rancho Park, and other places. Luckily, West Los Angeles is 68% safer than other cities in California.

The crime has decreased by around 8%, but you still need to be watchful going to different places. Remember, this area has a lot of rich celebrities living in Beverly Hills, Malibu, and other spots with expensive fashion stores and restaurants. Watch yourself when you’re transplanting to the city.

Looking like a well-off out-of-towner can make you more prey to those that want to get your pricey items.

Crime Rates

West Los Angeles has a population of nearly 43,000 people. Violent crimes have decreased to 44% under the national average. However, the rise in property theft is a concern because of the wealthy presence in the city.

Everything from car theft, property damage, and other things make you a bit cautious of where you’re going and how you exit. Always consider getting a better security system for your home and vehicles to help you keep thieves at bay.

Real Estate Trends

Houses have become a bit more expensive, with a median range of $1.2 million. It may be a seller’s market right now to take advantage of things before any changes. You can get a condo for around $600,000.

However, you’ll be paying around $2 million and up for a luxury single-family home. Decide what would work best if you want to stay single or eventually start a family in the area.

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