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Things to Consider Before Buying a Property in Marina Del Rey

You might want to live in Los Angeles County but need a more seaside background. Marina Del Ray (Docks of the King) is the ideal place for you to get that sea life mixed in with the city. Think about how you can incorporate a unique style of living for you and your family. Here are some things to think about before buying a property in Marina Del Ray.


Marina Del Rey has many schools in the area. If you have elementary and middle school kids, you should consider to Westside Global Awareness Magnet School. Here’s a smaller school to create a better teacher and student dynamic.

They utilize the nearby wetland and ocean environment to help enrich the kid’s education from science to physical education. Maybe you want your kid to stay close by when they go off to college. They have various universities to choose from, such as Loyola Marymount University, USC, and UCLA.

Whether you like to take a walk for a while to relieve your stress or enjoy some family time with the kids, Marina Del Rey has some unique parks available in the area. Burton W. Chace is a solid one for entertaining the family by enjoying outdoor programs, looking at the harbor views, and having a picnic.

Playa Vista Sports Park has a gated playground for your little ones. Maybe your toddler likes to move around a lot, and you need to find a creative way to help them release that energy. It’s one of the best parks for your growing children.


Marina Del Rey station jurisdiction includes Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica Bay, Ladera Heights, Windsor Hills, and View Park. While there is some theft in the area, it’s generally a safe place to live. The east side could be the best move if you plan to raise kids.

Marina Del Rey was incorporated in 1965, so it has a brief history. However, it’s a hot spot for people to go boating. The harbor is one of the main attractions of the city. However, it doesn’t get the same draw like Santa Monica.

Marina Del Rey is perfect for people that like to live and work in quieter area. They don’t have to worry about a big tourist season that would overrun the streets or take away from their peace of mind.

Crime Rates

Luckily, Marina Del Rey is a generally safe spot to visit and live with family; similar to Venice real estate. If you’re thinking about having a family there, the city has a calmer atmosphere compared than other parts of West Los Angeles. The main threat in Marina Del Rey is property theft.

Keep an eye on your vehicle and your home, especially around the holiday season. It’s a smaller city of over 11,373 (2020 Census). It’s not too far off from the average crime rate of the United States. Just try to keep the safer parts of the city to help you avoid the main issues.

Real Estate Trends

Marina Del Rey and surrounding areas like Mar Vista real estate has some expensive places, but the city caters more to the upper-middle-class people. While it has seen some growth in the past year, the median single-family house costs around $1.1 million. Also, you can find some solid condos with multiple rooms under $700,000.

You can expect to spend upwards of $5 million and more on luxury properties. However, there’s more convenience, privacy, and space to allow you to live that upper echelon lifestyle you’ve wanted for years.

If you want to take a more peaceful approach to Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey may be the city for your needs. 

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