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What to Know Before Buying a Home in Culver City

Whether you need to move to California for business or entertainment Culver City is a great spot to transition. You’re less than 20 minutes from Hollywood but still can have a bit of space away from the visitors trying to catch their favorite celebrities. Here are some notes to make before you purchase a property in Santa Monica.


Culver City is home to solid schools and parks. If you plan to raise your kids in this area, it’s reliable for you to have different places in the area for them to learn. You might want your child to have a public school education, so Farragut Elementary, Culver City Middle, and Culver City High School would be excellent choices.

Maybe you want your child to have a private school upbringing. Pacifica Montessori, Turning Point School, and Park Century School. You might have a gifted kid who doesn’t care for the typical curriculum. Park Century offers individualized learning to help your child reach higher in their academic and personal goals.

Also, take a look at the parks in the area. Culver City Park has a basketball court, baseball diamonds, and soccer fields to keep you in great shape. If you have a dog, you can go to the Boneyard Dog Park to accommodate your small pup or large dog.

Make these family-friendly places to take your children and furry friends to get away from the house for a bit.


Culver City is generally a safe area. It’s changed considerably since the 1980s and 1990s. It’s the home of Sony Studios, where they film lots of shows. One of the things to note is the high traffic.

You have to get used to the traffic congestion if you plan to move into the area. While it’s still a middle-class area, more wealthy residents move there. It’s one of the most diverse areas near Santa Monica for real estate.

The Fox Hills Mall is one of the most popular destinations. Culver City Farmers Market is a solid place to spend on a Sunday morning for fresh produce.

Culver City Police Department has over 160 people on its staff to service over a five-square mile radius. It was formed in 1917 with a rich history to help deter and investigate crimes in the area. Culver City has fared much better than previous decades, but burglary still tends to be the most prevalent here than in other parts of Los Angeles.

Crime Rates

While it’s not the worst in the USA, you still have to stay alert. The crime rate is 63% safer than in other cities in America. The most common things to worry about are theft and burglary.

It’s pretty safe for your kids. However, it’s imperative to watch for things in airports, parks, and recreational centers. Not to mention, you want to have the best deterrents to keep you from being a victim of property damage.

Keep your car locked at all times and have a quality security alarm to help alert you of a potential crime in progress.

Real Estate Trends

Culver City is a seller’s market. More buyers are looking to purchase a home than what’s available currently. The average home is upwards of $1.3 million.

If you’re looking for a condo with just a bedroom and bathroom, you can spend under $600,000. Getting a single room can help you have your space while figuring out your next move.

Starting a small family can raise that price to around $700,000. Think about whether you plan to live a single or married life in Culver City to decide the best investment for your lifestyle.

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