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Why You Should Move to Santa Monica

By Ray Lyon August 25, 2022

The only hard part about finding reasons to live in Santa Monica is that no list could contain all the good reasons to live there! Santa Monica is one of the nicest cities in the world to live in, and there are more activities and fun things to do here than you could do in a whole lifetime. If you’re looking for a fun in the sun California lifestyle in one of the most beautiful and glamorous cities to live in, it’s time to find the right Santa Monica realtor for you and get started on your move. 

Santa Monica is located right in the heart of LA, but away from most of the overcrowding and crime that can be an issue in other parts of the city. It features the closest ocean access possible, some amazing condos, and beautiful houses that have amazing views of the endless blue sky and the tranquil Pacific Ocean. For these reasons and many more, Santa Monica is considered one of the dream locations for anyone that is looking to move to this part of California. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons this is true. 

You’ll never run out of things to do

Santa Monica features one of the hottest nightlife, restaurant, and bar scenes in the city. Its clean streets and beautiful neighborhoods make this a top location for those who live in Los Angeles or are visiting and looking to hit the town and have a good time. That means that for those who live there, there’s never a shortage of people to meet, good times to have, and fun places to experience. 

When it comes to restaurants and shopping, Santa Monica has a world-class shopping and dining district. Spend an evening strolling along the path next to the ocean, and try out some of the best cuisines on the planet. The food in LA is so diverse you will never run out of good options. 

The Beach, the Pier, and the Pacific Ocean 

When most people around the world hear about Santa Monica, the most ubiquitous image that pops into their heads is the Santa Monica Pier. This world-famous landmark is an excellent place for fun and recreation, but there’s so much more on offer from the beaches here. Whether you want to try surfing, parasailing, snorkeling, or any other aquatic activity you could think of, you will have access to it in Santa Monica. 

The beach is also the perfect place to just relax, meditate, and let the positive ions from the ocean wash over you. Whether it’s a picnic with someone you love or just by yourself, you’ll never get tired of going to the beach. While parking can be tough, most locations in Santa Monica are close enough to the beach that you can just walk there. 

Commuting is made easy

Los Angeles has infamously bad traffic, especially on the highways during rush hour. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but living in Santa Monica provides some benefits that can make your commute easier. For one thing, it’s close enough to all the major centers of industry and downtown that your commute won’t be nearly as bad as some further away areas like the Inland Empire.

Another benefit is that Santa Monica features one of the best public transportation systems in the city. The Big Blue Bus can get you almost anywhere you want to go, and the Expo Line rail system is another convenient and affordable option. If public transportation isn’t your thing, Santa Monica has a lot of nice backroads and local routes that will allow you to skip the congested highways and get where you need to go. 

Silicon Beach

Everyone has heard of Silicon Valley, but few are aware that there is a booming tech scene in Santa Monica that is referred to as Silicon Beach. Starting when Google opened a campus in Venice in 2011, the area now hosts offices from such major tech firms as Microsoft, Facebook, and Snapchat. For those looking to get into the tech industry, few places are better than Santa Monica.

Even if you’re not part of the tech scene, the kind of talent, money, and economic opportunity these incredibly successful tech firms bring to the area make it a better place for everyone. From restaurants to small boutique shops, there is always a job available, and the area will always be beautiful and desirable to live in. This helps keep home values high, which is important when considering a move. 

While this list may seem convincing in itself, it’s really only a small fraction of the reasons to move to Santa Monica. From the year-round perfect weather to the outdoor biking and hiking opportunities, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular cities in the country to move to. Get started today and find the right Santa Monica realtor for you to take your life and California dreams to the next level!

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