Alexander Enriquez


Meet Alex, your dynamic real estate partner, uniquely equipped to guide clients through seamless transactions. With a foundation in Business and Fire Science from Sacramento State University, along with EMT certification and HAZMAT experience, Alex offers a distinct skill set for navigating complex real estate scenarios.
Originally from Sacramento, Alex’s deep community ties and ten years in Los Angeles have expanded his knowledge and network. As a former manager with SBE Entertainment Group, he cultivated relationships with high-end clientele, bringing valuable connections to his real estate endeavors.
Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or venturing into multi-million dollar construction projects, Alex’s diverse background ensures informed decisions and success. His commitment to excellence, responsiveness to high demands, and off-market property access set him apart.
Alex’s energetic approach to life, showcased through outdoor activities like hiking and beach volleyball, translates seamlessly into his work. Choose Alex as your real estate partner, and let his unique background, strong network, and unwavering commitment guide you to your real estate goals.
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