Alexander Enriquez


Alex spent most of his young life in the city of Sacramento. becoming deeply involved with the community. He attended Sacramento State University, studying Business and Fire Science. Alex went on to become EMT certified and a HAZMAT FRO, leading him into lab work as a chemist dealing with hazardous material clean up and remediation.

In his off-hours, Alex worked as a manager in Sacramento’s nightclub scene. He made the move to Los Angeles four years ago, working for the prestigious SBE Entertainment Group as a host and manager. It was there that he met the wide variety of high-end clientele that he brings with him to his work in real estate.

His background in fire science and with SBE have prepared him to respond to high demands, short time-frames, and even the extreme pressures involved in saving a life. When not on the job, Alex enjoys staying active through outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, biking, and beach volleyball.

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