2014 Market Report

Our extensive experience & knowledge has led us to notice that markets within markets may be performing in a different way from one another and from national averages.

With the current stringent lending situation, having knowledge of the specialized market trends for the neighborhood you are contemplating is vital for true success in your transaction.

Don’t be mislead by ideas that are not actual facts.

What is in fact occurring in the markets of those areas may be counterintuitive of notions or ideas you may have perceived from national averages. Knowledge is power and knowing all the facts will give you the power to make the most educated choice.

If you have any questions after viewing this report please let me know. This report will give you a general idea of where the market is. However, with limited inventory there can be some outliers that can skew the data. If you would like to see a more detailed report about a particular area please let me know.


Median Price:
A value that separates the upper half of prices from the lower half of prices. It can be interpreted like an average, however the extreme prices (high and low) don’t hold undue.

Average Price per Square Foot:
The price per each property divided by their respective square footage then averaged across all properties sold in the area for a given time period.

Properties Sold:
The number of property transactions that closed and transferred ownership.

Properties Pending Sale:
The number of properties that entered escrow in preparation for sale.

Properties For Sale: The number of properties on the market and seeking buyers.

Days on Market (Pending Sale):
The number of days that properties currently in escrow were on the market.

Absorption Rate:
The rate at which the inventory of home for sale are being sold.

Percent Under Contract:
The ratio of properties to properties sale.